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A church member with Pastor Amos standing at a booth during Grace Church's Bizarre Bazaar, where proceeds go to charity.


Our Women's Christian Association, or WCA, has a long-standing tradition at Grace Church, serving in a variety of ways. We come together in small groups, called circles, for fellowship and devotional time. We host events at the church to raise funds for missions. We go on excursions to deepen our faith and connection with each other. Most importantly, we seek to further God's kingdom through loving our neighbors, both near and far.


Ruth. Esther. Mary Magdalene. Sarah. Throughout the Bible, God shows us how important women are in His kingdom. Following the examples set for us thousands of years ago, we are dedicated to doing all we can with the talents and gifts we've been given.

The Women's Christian Association is open to all women, even if you do not attend our church. If you are looking for ways to connect with a community of faith and expand your social network with likeminded women, we are here with open arms to welcome and support you!

The Women's Christian Association along with Pastor Amos at Jameson's Pub in Frankfort.
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